​​Möbius Racing

Boracay, Philippines
One Stylish Crew Chief!

The Crew Chief:  Yun Rolleri

​Möbius Racing evolved its crew in 2009 with the addition of new Crew Chief, Engine Technician and DAQ Engineer, Yun Rolleri. Under the tutelage of Vince, Yun has become an integral part in the success of Möbius Racing.
Boracay, Philippines
Boracay, Philippines

Our story

A closer look at Möbius Racing....

The Pilot:  Vince Rolleri

​Möbius Racing was founded in 2004 to further support the Grand Prix racing efforts of Vince Rolleri and his trusty 1992 Yamaha TZ250.  A long time motorcycle enthusiast, Vince was bitten by the roadracing bug in 2003 and quickly acclimated, while learning the finer points of racing a purpose-built GP bike. 

Vince's background racing minimoto (pocketbikes) has proved invaluable in both the knowledge learned about two stroke GP bike tuning and the art of competitively roadracing a motorcycle.  It was the formative years spent racing minimoto that Vince credits toward his quick learning curve of the ultra-potent Yamaha 250. 

By day, Vince is in sales and marketing for a large multi-national corporation, but this is simply a means to a racing end.  Long nights spent in the Team Möbius race shop, a good bit of sacrifice, a world-class crew and the necessary support of its sponsors are the other ingredients that fuel the Möbius Racing effort.  

​The results of these efforts are immeasureable.  The off-track time of a racing weekend rivals the on-track time in the amount of enjoyment, reward, and camraderie that are found in a typical motorcycle racing paddock.  Likewise, the thrill that can only be found racing a motorcycle at its limit: knees scraping against the concrete curbs, tires struggling to grip the asphalt pavement, conscious thought fighting instinct to hold the throttle open just a little longer....  these are the reasons that keep racers coming back for more! We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and we encourage you to check in frequently for race updates, pictures, videos,and other cool stuff.  Until then, keep the rubber side down!